Who Does NOT Qualify for the ERC?

Although ordinary life was disrupted and many business operations were fully or partially suspended by COVID-19 lockdown orders, there were plenty of employers whose organizations were already structured in a way that allowed work to continue as usual – and there were many companies who quickly pivoted to telework and maintained normal operations.

Maybe your company headquarters was closed by a government order, but your employees were able to work remotely from home and perform all their necessary job functions. Or perhaps you adjusted their job functions to fit the reality of telework. In either case, if your organization was able to continue operating similarly to how you worked before the shutdown, your operations would not be considered fully or partially suspended due to a government order.

Other companies, including some essential businesses, had no problems obtaining necessary supplies and were not required to shut down, reduce capacity, reduce services or stop traveling for work.

If this was the reality for your workplace, you probably would not qualify for the Employee Retention Credit (ERC).

However, if the closure of your physical workplace resulted in the suspension of business operations for certain purposes, you may be eligible. The best way to find out if you may qualify is to speak with an ERC Specialists Affiliate. They will help you as you fill out our questionnaire, to ensure that you consider all of the impacts of COVID shutdowns on your business.

How Do I Find Out if I’m Eligible?

With a credit of up to $26,000 per employee on your payroll available, it’s important to know if your business qualifies for the ERC.

Determining eligibility – and knowing what to do next if you do qualify – can be difficult. This is a highly specialized area of tax law.

But we have helped clients in all 50 states figure it out.

Many of our clients have come to us at the recommendation of their own CPAs and tax professionals, who know this is our niche. We are professionals who are totally focused on the ERC.

This process can be complex, but we distill it by partnering with you and breaking it down to a few easy steps:

  1. Complete our qualification form and get a free analysis to see if your business qualifies
  2. Round up your payroll information and 941 forms so we can calculate your credit
  3. Work with our specialists to get the paperwork prepared and hammer out the details

It’s that simple.

How Does ERC Specialists Get Paid?

If our analysis determines that you aren’t eligible to receive the ERC, the review costs you nothing. It does, however, ensure that you don’t leave money on the table.

If we assist you in determining that you are eligible, our service charge is calculated along with your free analysis so you can see what you would receive as a credit and the percentage of the credit recovery that we would be paid. We’re only paid when you receive your credit. And our service fee is typically 15% of the credit amount.

We take the steps necessary to maximize the amount your company may qualify for, up to $26,000 per payroll employee. Many of our clients have received six-figure or seven-figure ERC credits. At the end of the process, you’ll have thousands of dollars to help you continue to run your business.

There’s no risk, very little effort, and only positive outcomes.

Either you’ll discover that you aren’t eligible and gain the peace of mind that comes with our expert analysis – or you’ll learn that you do qualify and you’ll take the first steps toward claiming your credit.

We’ve helped thousands of businesses across the country and in many different industries recover over $4.7B for more than 100,000 qualified employees. We’re looking forward to helping you too.